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Despicable Me minion nails

Polka dot nails

It took me three seconds to get goosebumps, salivate, and die of a heart attack. And thirty minutes to create GIFs so I can do it OVER and OVER.

Birds and Feathers Nail Art

Water spotted nails. This was my first attempt with the with using water and I really should have listened to the advice to cover my nails with tape because it really was a pain to clean up. I used some body spray instead of hand sanitizer (any spray with alcohol should work). I think it would have worked better had I sprayed from further away. Up close it had a lot more force and tore it apart. I actually like the effect more than the spots that are supposed to be there. Check out Cute Polish’s original tutorial. 

Fuzzy nails. So far I’m in love with them but I worry about how well they will wear and how long it will take me to remove them.

First attempt using Nail Stamp. I was so frustrated, but I’m still excited to try again.

Christmas Nails! Or winter nails. I’m not a big fan of green and red as a color combination so I thought I’d mix it up with a nice blue and white. I’ve only worn these for a few days, but I’ve just been waiting to take them off till I got my Christmas present. A few sets of stamping plates! Now I’ll be able to do some nicer nails. Hopefully.

Feather Nails